Isaias Feigenson Consulting


Isaias Feigenson Consulting specializes in recruiting executives for senior level positions in companies and succession processes in family businesses, as well as Job Hunting for high-potential talents. We also work with HR Due Diligence, cost reduction processes and organizational structure optimization.

Established 12 years ago and led by Isaias Feigenson, whose previous experience exceeds 40 years in the area, covering his recruitment responsibilities at DuPont for 5 years and as a business HR partner at KPMG for 18 years, responsible for Human Resources consulting, recruitment, mentoring, coaching, downsizing projects and compensation.

Our recruitment and Executive Search consulting concentrates on generating long-term results for companies by attracting and retaining the best  talents, according to the specific needs of each client. Therefore, we work objectively in 3 stages:

  • Detailing the needs of each client;

  • Seeking talents with the desired profile;

  • Retaining the selected talent.

Strict Confidentiality

At Isaias Feigenson Consulting, all processes for recruiting and hiring talents, include data verification, documentation and references. Behavioral evaluation is conducted by Mr. Feigenson, along with senior consultants.

Competitive Advantages

  • 40 years of experience in recruitment and job hunting;

  • Recruitment and executive search consulting services with a team specialized in attracting unique professionals and important executives;

  • Evaluating human capital of our clients;

  • Long-term partnership with each client, with continued follow-up after contracts are finalized;

  • Transparency in all stages of our work;

  • Immersion in the client  segment to fully understand their needs and strategies;

  • Our recruitment and executive search consulting service also provides follow up with applicants for career alignment;

  • New private offices that can be used by our customers (reserving meeting rooms), WiFi, senior assistant and parking. Plus easy access, close to Barra Funda subway and Pacaembu Avenue.

Let's build a better world together?

We value human capital above everything else. We know the impact we can have on people and their families - and we work to build a better world for everyone.

We appreciate hardworking people, with a broad vision and a desire to grow.

Contact our recruitment and executive search consultants, so we can find the best professional for your needs. 

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