Headhunting of executives for succession in family business


Often, it is necessary to hire a professional for succession in family businesses due to illness of the controlling shareholders, altered life philosophies or even buying and selling equity stake.

Regardless of the reason, it is important that the professional shares the same company values, focused on its perpetuity.

The headhunting service of executives for succession in family business consists of assessing with partners and shareholders those behavioral and professional aspects that successors must possess in order to qualify.

After establishing these aspects, interviews are conducted with (internal and external) applicants, where these professionals are assessed and prepared. The results are discussed with the shareholders.

We follow the same line as our executive recruiting service headhunting talents – verifying data, referrals and there are one-to-one interviews with the main partner, Isaias Feigenson, and our senior consultants.

The process of negotiating and hiring the executive are also done with our assistance. After the process is completed, there is a follow-up with the professional, as this enables accelerating their contribution and performance in the company.

Isaias Feigenson participates in Buying and Selling assets.

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