Job Hunting for Executives

we find the right job for you!


The Job Hunting service for Executives consists of a detailed analysis of the applicant's profile to identify the right position, according to personal objectives, providing Outplacement Services to Executives in the job market.

Professionals looking for a new opportunity in the market can use our Job Hunting (Outplacement) and Consulting Services to reach their goals.

The service includes 5 to 10 mentoring sessions where we design and implement action plans, so you can work in exciting companies that will challenge you.

Based on your needs, behavior and profile, we find the ideal company - and position - for you to achieve your personal, professional and compensation goals.

The positions are always generated by strategic contacts between Isaias Feigenson Consulting and the first level of executives in our database, updated daily, which includes more than 6,000 names of CEOs and directors including Human Resources. You will be recommended to those contacts by Isaias Feigenson.

Our fee structure is designed with your success in mind.

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